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Designer Brand Based in NY

OxygeneUS is a New York based sustainable fashion brand that aims to

shape the future lifestyle for you. We beliebe that:


The future is in the past

It’s time to take a rest and look back. Each year, the fashion industry emits

more than 1.2 billion tons of CO2 equivalent and creates more than 92 million tons of wastewater. Fashion should not be our enemy, neither present nor future. At OxygeneUS, we dated back for inspirations to get fashion on the right track, and we transformed them into real-life practice.


Lower quantity, higher quality

Fashion developed from on-demand production to mass production. Higher

quantity came with lower standard, tons of waste and the massive pollution.

These harmful by-products are out of control, and we determine to combat

them with a conscious approach to garment making. OxygeneUS carefully

selects materials we use to ensure that every piece meets the standards,

never compromising the quality. With the smaller runs on the production

process, we are able to minimize the waste in every aspect of consumption.


Beauty from the nature

Synthetic materials hit the market with favored advantages, but the essential

merits of natural materials are still irreplaceable, on the top of the list are

skin-friendly and sustainable. Every yard of an outfit from OxygeneUS is

sourced from the most reliable suppliers around the world, and we commit to use as much organic fabrics as we could. Inspired by the nature, OxygeneUS always works towards innovative ways to make sustainable fashion more popular and accessible. Our designers turn wood, a natural material into the eye-catching design factors to elevate the daily look.

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